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Ready, Set, Pai Gow! Improve your chances of winning the game

Double-hand poker
Chinese domino card game
Pai Gow – these are some of the other names
Pai Gow known. If you are looking for a unique casino card game
this is definitely it for you. Basically derived from the Pai Gow Chinese Domino game with the same name. But instead of doing the game with dominoes like the Chinese
Pai Gow is played with cards. If you still have problems painted exactly how the game is played
we compare it with the popular card game Black Jack. Unlike blackjack
which is a fast type of casino card game Pai Gow played a little slower. If you want to increase your chances of winning
you need to invest in a longer period for the game. As the game played with Pai Gow
you will use all 52 cards plus one additional wild card. Your goal as player is to create two poker hands from the seven cards you will receive. As such
prior knowledge of traditional poker game is definitely a plus. The dealer will place seven down piles of seven cards. The maximum number of players for Pai Gow is followed by seven
and the rule of thumb that the remaining cards remain unused play
no matter how many people. Once the cards are distributed
each player has two hands from the seven cards that they are treated. The five-card hand is similar to square the five-card draw poker game – while the two pairs of cards as there is room or what card is higher. In order to win for each player
they must beat the dealer
the five card hand and then the two cards in his hand. If it ends a draw between the player and the dealer
the game for the player
while the dealer gets the money. The player will only win the money minus a commission for the dealer if he or she beats the dealer or both hands. Confused? Do not worry
you soon the game
as long as you start mastering hang your poker gaming skills – and practice the double hand-drawing method used in Pai Gow. Pai Gow develop strategies to increase your chances of winning just as it is with every other casino game
there are strategies you develop to increase your chances of winning in Pai Gow can. For example
a three-pair is a very good hand. It is each player’s rule
always the highest pair in front
no exceptions. If you have three aces
you can play from behind a pair of aces and a high As. If you have a full house
you can play three of a kind behind and get in front of the two. As already mentioned
your traditional poker gaming skills would definitely come in handy if you want to increase your chances of winning in Pai Gow – and this is a truly unique and exciting casino card game.

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