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Rakeback in Texas Holdem

Do you want to succeed playing poker? Are you really serious about making money? If the answer to those questions is yes and you are not aware of rakeback or the importance of it then you simply have an awful lot to learn about making money in online poker. Simply put, if you want to make your poker playing successful then you are going to have to start operating as if it were a business. One of the primary factors in why many businesses fail is high operating costs.

This applies to poker perfectly but in business, you do not need to be really smart to be able to make money. You just need to be able to make a series of common sense decisions and if you can combine that with keeping your overheads as small as possible then you stand every chance of doing well. This concept applies to poker perfectly because your number one expense in poker is the rake. This is the “tax” that you pay the card room for them providing an environment for you to be able to play poker.

Depending on the stakes that you play then the rake can be substantial. It is usually capped at $3 per pot but it is the percentage of the pot that is raked that is the key issue. If you were a high-stakes player and playing pots that were $1000 on average then a $3 rake would not be significant at only 0.3% of the pot. So getting to keep 99.7% of the pot is very good. But you may have to pay that same $3 if you were playing lower stakes with average pot sizes of $100.

Now you are not having to pay only 0.3% of the pot but a full 3% and now you are only getting 97% of what was placed into the pot instead of 99.7%. Now let us take this a stage further and look at low-stakes poker. You may play Texas Hold’em games where the average pot sizes are only $10 but if $0.50 is raked from that pot then you may be paying far smaller amounts of rake than the players who were paying $3 per pot but you are actually paying a higher percentage at 5% of the pot size.

These costs eat into your profits and they eat into them so much that they make millions of online poker player’s long term losers. This is why it is essential that you reduce your costs as much as possible and getting rakeback is one such method as are sign up bonuses and all of the rewards that poker sites throw your way. You must do whatever is in your power to reduce your operating costs because it can and is the difference between success and failure. If a poker player lost $4000 playing online poker over the course of the year but failed to collect $6000 in rakeback then they are to blame for losing $4000 and not making $2000. But poker sites will not give you rakeback unless you specifically ask for it.