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An Introduction to Roulette

Roulette is one of the most famous and well known games found in a casino or Online Casino sites
and has a long and varied history.

Roulette has been played in France from at least the late 1780s, although the game may have begun sooner than that. The game soon spread across Europe and Britain developed their own form of Roulette called Roly-Poly. However, the ruling classes didn’t look favourably on such games of chance so both forms of the game were banned in 1700s. Roulette didn’t have a chance to flourish in Germany either much for the same reason.

Therefore, by the 1820s the game had was forced underground and had taken up residence in the various illegal casinos and gaming houses across Europe, but particularly France and Germany.

In 1843 Louis Blanc, seen by many as the first organized promoter of roulette, invented a new roulette wheel with just a single zero. This was believed to be a response to competition as all other casinos offered zero and double zero – the idea of having just one shortens the odds for the gambler.

There is also a satanic link with roulette. The numbers on a roulette wheel add up to 666, regarded as the symbolic number of the devil or the beast. Blanc was therefore rumoured to have struck a deal with the devil in order to understand the secrets of roulette.

Early forms of the game in America were slightly different. The wheel only had numbers 1-28. There were two zeros (single and double) as well as an eagle symbol in one of the segments. This eagle segment was soon phased out however, as it was regarded as giving too much of an advantage to the house.

The casino revolution didn’t really take off worldwide until the 1970s. Before this roulette was really only found in Las Vegas and Monte Carlo.

Today roulette is played worldwide with virtually every casino offering at least one table and online casinos offering it alongside other games such as video poker . The regional differences are still apparent. America and the Caribbean still use a double and single zero with Europe and the rest of the world preferring just the single zero.